Dan W. Pfister, Sr.


Dan Pfister officially retired in February 2017, after 44 years of dedicated service to the Herr Pump Company. He has since moved to Cape Coral, Florida with his wife, Diana. He keeps in frequent contact with the company and current owner, Donna M. Mastromatteo.

Dan W. Pfister, Sr. was in the pump business for over 50 years, beginning as an inside sales trainee at Deming Pump (Salem, OH) in 1960. Immediately following his training, in 1961, Dan relocated and became Deming’s outside salesman for New Jersey and Eastern Pennsylvania. In this role Dan achieved over 1 million dollars in sales his second year. In 1964, Dan was promoted to Sales Manager of Water Systems and Turbine Pumps. He traveled the U.S. calling on Crane Deming distributors and he managed a sales force of more than 40 employees.

While with Deming Pump, Dan conducted many water system and industrial pump seminars throughout the U.S. and served as a guest speaker for Water Systems Council for many years. Dan was a consultant on national projects involving pumps such as the Salt Mines in New Mexico and Arizona, Oil Well Fire Suppression System in Texas, Municipal Water Systems for New York, NY and Miami, FL to name a few.

In 1967, Dan seized an opportunity for career growth and joined the Mitchell Love Company representing Barnes and Thrush pumps as Vice President of Engineer Products. During his time with Mitchell Love, Dan spoke to various audiences for the Maryland Health Department regarding sewage pumps; he conducted industrial pump schools and was a consultant on projects for the Baltimore Municipal Water System and the DC Subway System. Dan prospered with Mitchell Love for six years until in 1973 he purchased Herr Pump Company (Lancaster, PA).

As the owner of Herr Pump Company, Dan switched gears and applied his knowledge and experience to running a successful local distributorship for industrial pumps and parts. He went on to to serve as a consultant on design and engineering for projects involving pumps for schools, industry and municipalities. He attended mechanical seal schools and industrial pump schools and continued to work in a sales capacity with Herr Pump Company.