“Quality and Service Not Sacrificed For Profit”

Herr Pump Company, Inc. is a small business established by TruckHenry R. Herr during World War I. Originally called “Herr The Pump Man” and located on the corner of North Ann Street and Fulton Street, Herr served home owners and farm owners who were dependent upon water supply from hand pumps. Henry thoroughly researched hydraulic pumps to find new and better methods of power pumping and made his business a success through selling power pumps and providing quality service to his public.

Henry R. Herr kept his pump business profitable and relevant through his business philosophy of being an active partner in his customer’s work and interests and by continually developing his knowledge of pumps. In 1945, Henry sold his business to Lester H. Herr (unrelated). Lester carried on “Herr the Pump Man” with virtually no changes. It wasn’t until 1973 when Lester sold the company to Dan W. Pfister, Sr. that the business title and model evolved.

Under this new ownership, “Herr the Pump Man” became the company we are today – Herr Pump Company, Inc. Now, a distributorship for more than 35 product lines, Herr Pump Company is known throughout central Pennsylvania as a solid, reliable business. Though Herr Pump Company operated in the old location on North Ann and Fulton Streets for 95 years, we are currently located in the country side of Lancaster County on the edge of Leola, PA surrounded by farmland.

Trade ShowIt was Henry R. Herr who established the mission of our company in 1914 and our mission is the same today – Quality and Service Not Sacrificed for Profit. Herr Pump Company, Inc. is a service company providing quality pumps and parts to our diversified customers of commercial, government and academic institutions throughout central Pennsylvania. We are dedicated to responding to our customers’ needs in a timely and effective manner and we strive to provide the best service and products at competitive prices.